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Shaker Machine

The Shaker Professional Plus Series is

the hottest and latest technology in

fitness. It is proving to be one of the

most beneficial pieces of fitness

equipment that gives you many positive

results. The Shaker Professional Series

gives your body powerful stimulation

call it the perfect "all in one" machine.

The Shaker Professional Plus Series is a


It provides relaxation to your whole

body, this Shaker Professional Plus

Series does not only provide ultimate

relaxation but also generates vibration in

the plate base that goes directly through

your whole body.

Vibration exercise fitness has been on

the rise for the past 10 years, but in the

last 2 years it has had explosive growth

of over 300%. More professional sports

athletes and celebrities have adopted the

whole body vibration workout in to their

regular daily routines. This has helped to

publicize the many positive effects that

the Shaker Professional Series has on all

types and ages of people. Men and

women, old and young, thin and large

have embraced whole body vibration

and had amazing positive results.

Many of the baby boomer generation are

becoming vibration exercise fitness

regulars to increase their muscle strength

and flexibility Many retirement homes

have put machines into their common

area gyms where they are introduced to

the new technology. The technology is so

simple at first glance it seems silly, but

after a short introduction to it people

catch on very quickly. Once you get on

vibration exercise machine, you are


The easiest way to understand

the machine is to get on one for 10

minutes. You can feel it working right

away, even more the next day. Most that

have not worked out in a while will be a

little sore, but in a good way, knowing

that they have had a good overall

workout with vibration exercise fitness.

It is very nice to get your workout done

in 10 minutes while you watch TV or just

relax at home. It has been found that

most people do not stick to their fitness

routine due to lack of time or

inconvenience. Having a Euro Body

Shaper Professional Plus Series right at

home for easy access eliminates these

problems. Other workout failures

happen because people do not like to do

traditional workouts, and lose interest in

a few short weeks.

This is why the gyms

are so busy in January and by March

they are empty! Vibration exercise fitness

is fun and easy. No more, I don’t feel like

it. But I WANT to do it because it makes

me feel great!

Get your workout with the revolutionary

Shaker Professional Series

Exercise machine provides numerous

fitness benefits through whole body


Vibration fitness training is effective,

efficient and fun

Multiple program settings

Platform is large enough to allow for

many different exercise positions

Maximum weight limit is 440 pounds

Whole Body Vibrations are created by a

mechanically vibrating platform and

transmitted up the body through the feet

or hands which are in contact with the

vibrating plate. The body automatically

adjusts to these mechanical stimuli by

responding with a stretch reflex.

The following exercises can be

performed on the Shaker Classic Series:

Squats – stand on the plate, holding onto

the bars, and gently bend your legs.

Slight bends, deep bends and spreading

your feet apart will all work different

muscles. Go on one leg for a harder


Calf raises – stand on both feet and go

onto tip toes, to help tone and define

your calf muscles.

Lunges – stand back from the plates,

then place one foot on it it and bend your

knee, moving your weight forward as

much as is comfortable. Then stand back

and repeat with the other leg.

Upper body exercises – push ups and

dips are very effective, and if you have a

model with straps or cords there is a

wide range of upper body workouts that

you can do.

— at TBabe's Tan & Tone.